Exhibiting at ExpoNG 2016...

Tim and I were excited to take Grindley Brook Wharf, Dwarfie Stane and Kisten Torfwerk to ExpoNG in Kent this year...
On route after a few too many on Friday night after setting up...
We had a lovely time talking to and meeting the public as well as friends and aquaintences from the NGRM forum, the 009 Modellers facebook page and the 000 Society. 
My EuroNG kits on display at the Narrow Planet stand...
The Narrow Planet stand was very 'busy' this year...

Tim was chuffed to bits and honoured to win the Reiner Hendrikson trophy as well this year, a very well deserved award... it is a wonderful little layout and see it quick if it's on a lineup as Tim reckons he's only showing it once or twice more before building something else...
Tim's fiddle yard on display garners as much attention as the layout itself!
A Hudswell Clarke from a Five79 kit on the Minitrains F&C
Eigiau from the Narrow Planet limited edition O&K 40hp
Hampton, again a Five79 kit (I think) on an Minitrains F&C. Note the dummy axle under the cab. Very clever.
Scratchbuilt Decauville on an Minitrains F&C chassis.
The works on the layout, with a Tyneside Models Wren.
Both our micro layouts performed faultlessly and got a lot of admiring glances and questions and I loved launching two new kits at the show from my EuroNG brand through Narrow Planet. I particular enjoyed chatting with Dan from Fourdees who brought a lovely little surprise over to the layout, a Peckett on F&C that looked a lot like Oakhill.
My scratchbuilt Kerr Stuart Sirdar on a Minitrains F&C chassis.
Tim's Narrow Planet 'Pamela' kit on shed.
Anyway I walked away with no new locos but plenty of stock, a good book and the points for my next layout. More soon...
Tim Easter brought along his Narrow Planet Pamela again, this time shown on the quarry at Dwarfie Stane.
My Narrow Planet Bagnall, and Tim's bash from the Tyneside Models 3D print - he's toying with another rebuild to make use of the Minitrains Krauss chassis.
Two cane locomotives for a forthcoming project...
The Bundaberg Fowler on a Roco HF110 steam engine chassis.
Tim's scratchbuilt Avonside on a Minitrains Krauss chassis with outside frame conversion!
Charlie Insley's Decauville Mallet on Kisten Torfwerk.
Despite the low height many people stopped, ducked down and soaked in the atmosphere.
Finally, a visit from Dan at Fourdees and his prototype Peckett - which looked very much at home on the layout!


  1. Delightful layout and great shots. I also was impressed with Dan's Pecket - it will add a much needed aspect to the Fourdees range.


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