Explosive transformation (N part 42)...

Earlier this week I shared some new wheels I have been trying in N gauge and mentioned a project they had been sourced for, well here we have it, my pair of finished Dapol gunpowder vans in N scale...

These tiny models (yes that's a 1p, and it is not photoshopped) are complete. Based upon the rather basic Dapol tooling I have replaced the wheel sets with Mosskito 6.2mm 3 hole disc, replaced the couplings with DG and added a few small details, nothing too major. This included thinning the buffer heads (sanding them down), adding the tie bar between axleboxes (0.35mm wire for strength), vacuum cylinder and brake cross bar underneath. The pair were then treated to a thorough weathering to bring these characterful little models to life!


For a few evenings work I would say these stand up to the quality of the Farish stock they will run with, you can't have a 1970s Cambrian layout without a few of these, used extensively from Cooke's explosive works at Penrhyndeudraeth until the problems with Barmouth Bridge led to the withdrawal of locomotive service north of Tywyn in 1980. I have always enjoyed seeing models of them in photos of Neil Rushby's 4mm layouts - my own pair, taking advantage of two separate numbers from Dapol will feature in the Class 24 hauled pick up goods.

I look forward to having somewhere for these to stretch their legs in due course, but for now they look pretty sat on the small diorama I built over Christmas, a promise of what is to come. Until next time, more soon...

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    1. It almost looks superimposed too doesn’t it!
      The diameter of a British 1p coin is 20.3mm

    2. Thank you. Nice work on the vans, by the way.


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