Friday Update: Twenty-four Nine Twenty-one…

It’s been a great week in the workshop, some good progress on commissions, seeing a few over the finish line along with some personal projects coming together…

The Lyd2 in 009 is detailed and primed, this finish needs to harden before I can deal with the blemishes, smooth and fill before painting. The custom etched parts are on order to help the conversion of the Grafar 08 chassis, this should however be a few more weeks, so paint first!
Renfrew is pretty much done and I’ll share that this weekend hopefully, but in the meantime a few of the finishing touches… the signal post and relay cabinet have been left on the platform but the branch is now operated ‘one engine in steam’ as a long siding off the mainline. 
The turnout control is through wire in tube, and I’ve added some home made discreet ‘knobs’ from styrene to each wire. These are drilled to be a very tight fit, and work well whilst being less distracting than a big knob or lever.
After last weekends trip on the Ffestiniog some retail therapy saw this pair arrive… they look very cute, but will be lightly improved and weathered as I can’t leave anything alone! The models should find a home, for now, on the small layout project I plan to start this weekend.
Back to projects, the long running Ruston LB is close to a completed prototype as the chassis and gearbox have been trial assembled, and the chain drive fitted. This works really well, I’m looking forward to working up the radio control on this…
…the two styles / weights of buffer I have designed were also printed and arrived this week - these give my customers real customisation over the locomotive they wish to represent. There are still a few spaces available in this years batch, £1330 and a £130 deposit secures you’re place.
Finally, my CF7 is nearing completion. The decals have been applied, these aren’t a perfect match but I’m sure 99% of people won’t notice. I’m happy with it, and now I’ve refitted the handrails, which we’re painted separately, I can’t wait for the decals to harden a little before I seal it with dull-cote - as that will pull it all together before weathering. 

Next week will see the start of a few new commissions, I’m pretty busy into 2022 now, but smaller projects are easier to fit around larger ones. If you’re interested in a model, some design work or a layout build, whatever your requirements get in touch to discuss how I can help bring them to a reality. In the meantime enjoy your weekend. More soon…


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Lyd2 progress.

    1. Me too! It’s a personal favourite.

    2. Love your Lyd2's James... Easily my favorite European DM class.


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