Slow day…

There are times here in North Wales when there is too much material for the blog and others, like now, where larger commissions mean I don’t have time or capacity for my own projects…

Farish 08665, repainted and numbered as a Chester example, sits on Paxton Road.

Whilst that isn’t good news for a daily blog, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Blessed with three operational layouts and a few in gestation there is always something to play with or look at, just a casual glance or a snatched moment of operation. Today’s photo was taken a few weeks ago, and captures the mundane. The everyday. The run of the mill. 

Today’s connected world can feel fast paced and the stress of constant updates and social media demands can overwhelm us all. Step back and enjoy what you’ve created once in a while, you don’t always need to be stepping forwards to be making progress.

Until next time, more soon…


  1. Lovely pic, that Farish 08 looks splendid with its new togs. Saturday was an unexpectedly good day for me, I made a very last minute decision to go down to the Ribble Steam Railway for their spring gala, got talking to someone from the railway who took me on a full tour of all the sheds and sidings, with a particular treat being that I got to stand by the ash pit to watch three of the four locos being disposed and put to bed for the night. I got so many photos that my phone is near bursting point and ended up leaving long after the museum had been locked up and the gates closed. It really was amazing to see quite what a special collection they have there.

    1. I’m forever excited to hear how friendly and welcoming the community is, sounds like you had a great weekend. I think I’ve got a quiet one as the girls are off with Janey somewhere, I’ll be home with the dog - pondering a day riding the Llangollen DMU if the weather is pleasant!

    2. That sounds like a lovely way to pass some time.


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