Commission: More HOP ABs...

My customers rake of HOP AB wagons is growing with this latest batch of four wagons, the impressive O gauge Dapol HAA reworked and back-dated...

The work was detailed in the previous post but in brief requires removal of the TOPS data panels and replacement with my own custom designed decals. These are applied AFTER the basic wash to avoid damage and sealed with satin lacquer before final airbrush weathering.


The Dapol wagons have real mass, they are free rolling, heavy, and well detailed - and at around £50 a wagon in the shops that doesn't seem too bad either! Of course, adding this level of customisation increases that somewhat, but Ben will have quite the train when the rake is complete! If you have a model or rake of wagons you'd like me to breathe fresh life into then get in touch. I offer a one stop shop for customisation including custom decal, etch or 3D design as required, painting and weathering. You can find my details on the Modelmaking Commissions page here, or on Facebook. Until next time, more soon...

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  1. O gauge is a slippery slope James! I bought a Dapol 08 from a friend earlier in the year, just a 1950's plain green one. Suddenly, I have six wagons to go with it.... My wife prefers my N gauge models and I've only got a small hobby room so a small mineral tramway idea is slowly taking shape. Wonderful heft and presence about the models too. Superb weathering on those coal wagons, I can image a grubby class 47 or maybe a pair of class 20's whistling away to themselves in a colliery siding waiting for departure time. I love pictures of knottingly depot in the late 1970's, rows of blue class 47's. I hope your customer gives you more wagons or a loco to weather. Take care.

    1. Thank you Tom, if you click on the ‘O gauge’ label at the end of the post you’ll see I’ve enjoyed working on O models previously too! Some MCOs, an 08 and a 47. All good fun but far too big for me! I’ve so far avoided temptation.

  2. I will look them up, thank you.


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