The joy of a good book…

I am so excited to share this with you all, I’ve discovered a real gem, and whether you’re interested in North American modelling, or even diesel modelling, this book is a wonderfully conceived and produced book that will enthuse and inspire…

Now let’s clear something up, my reasons for buying this book are not to reproduce another SW1500, more I have read good things about the book, and have been a fan of Tony Sissons work for years after admiring his creations on the old RMWeb3 10 odd years ago…
I spoke to Mike Cougill via email and arranged for a copy to be shipped to the UK. A side note here, Mike was polite, professional, encouraging and courteous, I thoroughly recommend doing business with him. 

The first impression is a quality publication. The layout really makes the most of the content, it’s the marriage of style and layout to quality photography, quality modelling and quality writing. After an opening by Tim Shackleton, Tony takes us on his approach, demonstrated through this prototype, from research to finished model. I’m not going to write a full review, Chris did such a good job of that, but I echo everything he said.
The style is easy to read, follow, even just look at… the step by step are well illustrated and it’s refreshing to see such quality modelling made by hand with largely simple tools…
It’s impressive, from start to finish, and I am sure a book I will read again and again, for learning and just for pleasure. 

Sometimes a book inspires through its topic, however in this case it’s the complete package, that rare combination that just works. Grab yourself a copy whilst Mike still has copies available. I’m looking into importing a small batch of these, if anyone is keen then let me know. In the meantime, more soon…


  1. Good to hear Mike is making books available in the UK again, I thought he stopped exporting here when GDPR came in. "Detailing Track" is equally superb.

  2. Thank you for such a thoughtful post James. As a note to your readers, there are still long delays in international shipping thanks to the backlog created by COVID restrictions. Furthermore shipping costs have risen dramatically. I do offer a digital edition for international orders.

    Mike Cougill

    1. There is something wonderful about a book in your hands though Mike, and this is a fantastic example of the art.

  3. I love how much you are enjoying this copy. Our hobby needs so many more books just like this. Ones that stand, as this does, independent of the work they describe and make for completely satisfying reading regardless of your connection to the work. As you note, it's also a book that deserves to be held, embraced.


    1. Thanks Chris, I finished it this evening, with the dog sat on the sofa and with a good beer (a vanilla milk stout, very nice). It’s a wonderfully easy book to dip into, and just enjoy looking at… I’ve found it encouraging and inspiring. It’s not made a drastic re-appraisal of my physical methods, but certainly some of the mental processes Tony describes… that said I do plan to copy his fuel filler overflow pipe!


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