Terra Transport SW1500...

The Dartmouth Terminal rosters 10 SW1500s in its fleet, all ex WP/UP units and are extensively used for both switching and road duty on the 18 mile short line from Windsor Junction to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia...
My recreation of 1502 uses a Broadway Limited Paragon 2 model with the sound removed, as it was truly terrible. However the basic model is good and comes apart quite easily for repainting. After giving the body a bath in 91% IPA to remove the factory paint, I masked the buffer beams and end handrails and primed the body, chassis and hand rails in grey primer.
The next step was to apply the green paint, Humbrol 2 ‘emerald gloss green’ by airbrush. The rear of the cab was masked and painted white. The handrails were sprayed both sides in green. I used a brush to paint the underframe and foot ways black, and picked out the window seals on the cab very carefully. I used Humbrol gloss orange to touch in the handrails.
The decals were designed on my Mac and professionally printed - they’re a wonderful finishing touch and settled down over the details with Micro-sol. I sealed it with dull-cote before reassembly. Weathering was a wash to the footboard, a panel line wash to the hood and cab and then air brushed road dirt and exhaust.
It’s ‘done for now’ although once the finish is hard I may add some dry brushed hi-lights. Note the front radiator grill is slightly dented, I’ve touched this in with dirty brown rusty paint to give the impression of damage! The model will serve on my Beaverbrook layout as if rostered on the New Brunswick Southern, along with the U18B, as it begins to develop this Spring. Although I’m not making these transfers widely available I’d be happy to supply sets in H0 or N at cost to anyone seriously considering joining in my Terra Transport ‘what if’ adventure. Until next time, more soon...


  1. I absolutely love the touch of leaving the WP striping on the pilot to reveal the heritage of the unit. Very subtle and very well-executed!!

    1. Thank you, the WP striping wasn’t a mile off what I originally had in mind anyway so it seemed daft to repaint it. The U18B has black pilots, and the corner grab handrails are all orange...

      I’m looking forward to getting track down next so it has somewhere to run beyond my current 1m long cameo layouts...

  2. Excellent job, good to see TerraTransport live on in the modeling world. :)

    1. Thanks Jason... I’m hoping this idea might grow being my humble beginnings...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Eric, three letters that are a great complement.


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