A look inside the Small Layout Design Handbook...

A few weeks ago I shared that my first book 'Small Layout Design Handbook', published by Wild Swan was at the printers - well, now I'm very excited to share you can actually buy it - it has arrived, it is very exciting and I can't wait for you all to get hold of a copy...

I felt that the best way to introduce the book, my reason for writing it and to give a bit of an overview of what's inside was to do a short video - so if you've not already ordered a copy from The Titfield Thunderbolt or Light Railway Stores (other shops will have stock very soon) then sit back and enjoy this teaser - if you have already got a copy, thank you for buying it, thank you for buying into the story I'm trying to tell with it and I look forward to hearing what you, and others, think of the messages.

Until next time, more soon...


  1. I've ordered my copy (and a bunch of other stuff I found on the Titfield Thunderbolt...)!


    1. Thanks Tim.
      The Titfield Thunderbolt is a wonderful book shop, I’m a frequent customer!

      It appears that Light Railway Stores have sold out for a second time, so that is incredible; Steve, I’m sure, will restock on Monday.

  2. Congratulations James
    Looks a really good production and I think the Landscape format should work well.
    Have ordered my copy from Titfield Thunderbolt and am looking forward to seeing the real book soon.
    Hope you good feedback
    Best regards

    1. Thank you Alan, it seems to be selling well, so there was obviously demand for ‘another’ title in this area, time will tell how it is received, early signs are promising.

  3. My copy arrived the other day (excellent service from the Titfield Thunderbolt).

    It's a big thumbs-up from me! Your book is giving me some much needed inspiration on how to display/run my Scale7 locos. Maybe I don't need that much space after all.


    1. Mike, thank you for stopping by and I’m really pleased it’s hit the mark for you, and helping you re-evaluate the success of a small layout and how it may work for you.


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