Commission: Boston Lodge in 009...

Welcome to Boston Lodge, my latest cameo layout build and commission in 009. This Ffestiniog Railway inspired scheme developed from my ‘Frivolous Ffestiniog’ notes earlier in the year… 

A composition composed of real heart, my love for narrow gauge fuelled by my customers energy for the prototype. Inspiration by the bucket load yes, but the art of interpreting that and creating a balanced and emotive composition, one that sings Ffestiniog without being a slave to scale reality. Crafted by hands that live and love in Wales, with narrow gauge steam a life long passion the result just feels right.

“That’s where we go and why we go there. All aboard. This is how.” Chris Mears, 2023

I love crafting these scenes, these layouts, bringing prototypes to life with you, working collaboratively to create art that is embed with our creative relationship. Presented in self contained cameo boxes, contained here is as important as the scene within, the cameo enclosing and protecting our day dreams, our ambitions - a barrier from the real world stresses and strains of our existence. In these fixed walls we control the moving actors, we can find shelter, solace and headspace.

I put together an overview video that somehow stretched to half an hour, so this might be more of a lunchtime view for those at work, I do hope you enjoy the overview. Whilst the Palmerston was another commission that also belongs to my customer, the rest of the stock shown here and on the video is my own, destined for another cameo, but this time purely of my own 009 creation.

I would love the opportunity to work with you to design and create a layout with real character, presence and meaning - something that is deeply of you, crafted through my hands and our shared journey. Imagine the scene above in your home office or living room, the pleasure you could gain from being part of the creative process, to own and enjoy the results for many years to come. The layout design process starts from £175, get in touch for a personal proposal and I can share indicative pricing. You can contact me here using the form in the ‘menu’, on Facebook (and through there by email) or the forums. Until next time, more soon…

I love writing and creating material for the blog. If you enjoy what you read and engage with I would be appreciative of any donation, large or small, to help me keep it advert and restriction free.


  1. I like the emptiness of your compositions, no cliches, just space

    1. Thank you Sean, yes I suppose that is an indirect result of the interpretation of the inspiration... I find minimising distractions emphasises what is left.


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